Life site:New definition of ‘pro-life’? Pope tweets ‘to safeguard water is to protect life’ By Calvin Freiburge-plus con que François tu meurs-et varia

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Thu Mar 22, 2018 – 4:29 pm EST

Real name of mysterious author behind ‘The Dictator Pope’ revealed

By Diane Montagna

Thu Mar 22, 2018 – 4:29 pm EST

Vatican youth synod prep includes feminists who demand female cardinals

By Maike Hickson

Thu Mar 22, 2018 – 4:29 pm EST

BREAKING: Local bishop calls treatment of pro-marriage Providence College student ‘reprehensible’

By Claire Chretien

Thu Mar 22, 2018 – 4:29 pm EST

New definition of ‘pro-life’? Pope tweets ‘to safeguard water is to protect life’

By Calvin Freiburger

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‘Dictator Pope’ author: My suspension from Knights of Malta is illegal

By LifeSiteNews staff

LA archdiocese’s religious ed conference infested with transgender ideology

By Joseph Sciambra

The trouble in the Vatican should concern non-Catholics too

By Steve Jalsevac


Top News

Priest on Francis: ‘I pray for his swift departure’ to heaven if he rejects God’s wisdom

‘I pray for wisdom for the pope, for his heart to open to the influence of the Holy Spirit.’

By Dorothy Cummings McLean

Conference in Rome to address ‘great confusion’ in Church under Pope Francis

The conference is titled: ‘Catholic Church, Quo Vadis?’ (where are you going)

By Sandro Magister

Vatican prepares to issue two documents on ‘gender theory’

Pope Francis has criticized ‘ideological colonization’ that forces philosophies like gender theory onto developing nations.

By Claire Chretien

Having divorced and ‘remarried’ Catholics teach religion violates Church law: Canon lawyer

‘Some roles…are prohibited to certain members of the faithful based on their public actions.’

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

Bavaria drops challenge to legalization of gay ‘marriage’ citing comparable changes in Church

Bavaria drops court challenge to German national legalization of same-sex ‘marriage’ citing Catholic Church movement away from ban.

By Maike Hickson

The Pulse

Where dictators’ corpses become golden calves

Lenin, Mao, Chavez, Kim Jong-il – all their bodies are on display, awaiting the genuflections of their atheist faithful.

By Jonathon van Maren


Guitars have no place in the Catholic Mass. Here’s why

Using the music of the day for the Liturgy is nothing other than a conforming of our minds to a secular age.

By Peter Kwasniewski

LGBT activist rewrites American classic ‘Little Women,’ makes main character lesbian

The LGBTQ movement has hijacked and then sexualized a number of beloved childhood characters, including Tintin and Anne of Green Gables.

By Jonathon van Maren


Understanding how the Vatican PR team botched Pope Benedict’s letter

Deliberate doctoring of photos, exposed lies, and a transparent walk-back. What a story.

By Phil Lawler