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February 10, 2018

In this update you will meet another member of our AAPLOG board,  have opportunities for action, including signing up to attend the upcoming 2019 Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference, and see an international summary of pro-abortion activities, as well as AAPLOG member response to articles attacking our practice of Hippocratic medicine.  You will also find a fascinating new initiative by a member of American College of Pediatricians, that may provide a great opportunity for you…

Meet the Board and AAPLOG Action Items

Meet the AAPLOG Board:     Ingrid Skop M.D.

I am so excited to be a board member of the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs!  Although I have been in private practice in San Antonio for over twenty years, it has only been within the last five years or so that abortion has begun to preoccupy my thoughts.  I have seen so many women who have been hurt physically, emotionally and socially by this decision, ...read more

AAPLOG Action Items

1.  Title X Comments.   Comment period open through July 31, 2018
AAPLOG Submission link and example letter

  • Rep. Ron Estes (R-KS), Chris Smith (R-NJ), Diane Black (R-TN), and Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) sent a letter with 140 Member signatures to HHS Secretary Alex Azar expressing strong support for the proposed Title X rule, known as the Protect Life Rule.  A press release from Rep. Estes is available here .
  • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued its proposed rule to update the Title X family planning program on June 1, 2018. The updated rule clarifies the line of separation between abortion and family planning and mandates compliance with state and local abuse reporting requirements.
  • HHS will be accepting comments on the proposed rule through July 31, 2018. Groups may be interested in both submitting a comment and in highlighting the opportunity for others. The process is simple and can be completed in under one minute. Comments may be submitted here
2.  Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference is OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!

Register now for a conference with great speakers, great topics and great colleagues.  If you can’t come yourself,  consider sending a medical student or resident. This is a life changing event for many medical students and residents, who are not exposed to the science undergirding Hippocratic medical practice.  In fact, two of our current AAPLOG Board members were once sponsored students.  So, your sponsorship can change the next generation of physicians!  On the registration page, click on « SEND A STUDENT TO MBEC » now  to sponsor a medical student or resident.

3.  Board Matching Grant is open!    Any gifts given over and above membership dues will be matched by the AAPLOG Board of Directors, to a total of $50,000.   Please consider a gift now You can designate where you want your gift to go, (including sponsoring a student to MBEC)  or you can give a gift for the area of greatest need.

International Update

Medicine is an international endeavor, and what happens in one country quickly moves to others.  This is especially true in elective abortion, where the US abortion laws are constantly cited to pressure resource-limited nations to legalize abortion.  The international pro-abortion lobby is both well-coordinated and well-funded, and uses the lie that elective abortion is “safe” when in fact the term “safe” abortion is defined by the legal status of abortion in a nation, not by lack of complications.

1. Mifeprex:  the new coathanger.

The new international thrust of the pro-abortion movement is well illustrated in the special edition of Contraception   The goal is not only legalizing abortion in countries where abortion is illegal, but also using medical abortion in a willy nilly fashion with no pre or post abortion care, in countries with little medical infrastructure to deal with the known complications of hemorrhage and infection from retained tissue and immunosuppression by both mifepristone and misoprostol.   The lack of concern for women who will die from this irresponsible promotion of self-abortion by international pro-abortion organizations is breathtaking.  The motivation behind this dangerous move is to eliminate the need for physicians and health care providers who often object to killing their patients.

2.  IrelandThe Irish Abortion Referendum that took place on May 25th and repealed the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, banning abortion, came as a surprise to many in Ireland who thought that the country would never agree to the destruction of human beings in the womb.  But it has also awakened a new sense of dedication in the pro-life physicians in Ireland who worked tirelessly to refute the half truths and misinformation promulgated during the campaign.   AAPLOG has been happy to make contact with this new group: Irish Doctors for Life and we look forward to welcoming a delegation at the 2019 Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference.

3.  CEDAW City by City Initiative

The City by City Initiative is an attempt to bypass the fact that the United States has not ratified the radical CEDAW treaty.   So CEDAW proponents are attempting to get CEDAW principles incorporated into municipal law, bypassing federal oversight.  Most concerning is the fact that CEDAW allows a UN committee to adjudicate complaints, rather than local laws.  CEDAW is an attempt to advance elective abortion under the guise of defending women.  Last week, UN delegates were invited to attend a training session called “Cities for CEDAW Training and Exchange:  2018 High Level Political Forum”   From the description: « This Cities for CEDAW learning and exchange session is an introduction to how a women’s human rights framework can be fully integrated with the SDGs in cities. »  

It is important for you as an AAPLOG member, to understand this initiative, as you may be called upon in your city to give accurate information about the impact of elective abortion on women.

4.  Amnesty International makes radical abortion policy even more radical 

Amnesty International’s position on abortion was focused solely on decriminalizing and limiting abortion to rare cases but has now changed.  Their new polilcy advocates for unrestricted access to abortion in addition to decriminalization of abortion worldwide.  While they give lip service to the rights of all women and girls, they glaringly omit the rights of unborn girls, many of whom are the target of elective abortion.

« Representatives voted to adopt an updated position on abortion that calls on States not just to decriminalize abortion, but to guarantee access to safe and legal abortion in a broad way the fully respects the rights of all women, girls and people who can get pregnantIt will replace Amnesty International’s current position on abortion, which calls for the decriminalization of abortion, and access to abortion in a limited set of cases which was adopted in 2007. »   read more

Hippocratic Conscience

In response to a recent lay press article telling pro-life obgyns to go into podiatry,  Dr. Steve Braatz, AAPLOG Board member, wrote a brilliant reply published in Life Site News »:

« I came home tired.  I’d spent most of the day resuscitating a patient who had delivered twins and then went into profound shock.  After many intense hours of problem-solving and implementing all the skills I possess, she turned a corner and I breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that she was going to be okay.  Then something interesting happened once I came home.  I sat down to relax and recover.  Unfortunately, I opened an email from a friend which contained Julie Burhart’s June 6 article from « The Hill:   « Abortion refusal laws are not about religion, but about control. » Just a few paragraphs in I read her pronouncement that pro-life OB-GYNs like me should be podiatrists….   read more…

We are standing with you as you do great medicine and protect the lives of both of your patients.

Thanks for standing with us.

For Life,

Donna J. Harrison M.D.
Executive Director
American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists


Kathleen Berchelmann, member of American College of Pediatricians,  is spearheading a new initiative that you may want to check out! Even if you are not Roman Catholic, this opportunity is open to any physician willing to abide by the Ethical and Religious Directives of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

MyCatholicDoctor is a new telehealth/virtual care organization opening September 1st, 2018 that will bring a team of faithful medical professionals to patients through video-based health consultation on almost any smart phone, computer or tablet.  We are currently recruiting physicians and other health care professionals that desire to integrate the Catholic faith into their practice.  We are especially interested in OB/GYNs, advanced practice nurses specializing in women’s health, NFP educators and medical consultants, and behavioral health providers that enjoy caring for women in the perinatal period.  

MyCatholicDoctor will offer the following services:

·  Consultation with trusted specialists and primary care providers, either on a one-time or ongoing basis.  

·  Behavioral health, including psychiatric care, counseling, social work, and spiritual direction, all from a Catholic perspective.

·  NaPro Technology and Natural Family Planning Services

·  Emergency miscarriage and pregnancy loss support, offered free of charge

·  “The Wonder of Eve,” a mother-daughter sexual health educational program for adolescents which we will host by webinar.  Father-son program coming soon.

·  School Based TeleHealth/Virtual Care: We will provide pediatricians, psychiatrists, and counselors to Catholic schools and colleges through video-based visits to allow Catholic schools to meet the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics for school-based telehealth, while staying faithful to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Ethical and Religious Directives for Health Care.

·  Speech therapy, for both Catholic schools and in-home services

·  Crisis pregnancy center support: We will be available to medical providers at crisis pregnancy centers for telehealth/virtual consultation.

·  Virtual Convenient Care for minor illness such as influenza

·  After hours call coverage for private practices

Why join MyCatholicDoctor?

·  Practice with the full voice of faith with a team of faithful colleagues you trust 

·  Make your own hours and work from your location of choice

·  Set your own rates

·  We take care of all the back-end technology and offer a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform, EMR, malpractice that is specifically for virtual care, billing and collections, and targeted marketing

For more information, please contact Kathleen Berchelmann, MD at kathleen.berchelmann@gmail.com


Patient Education Brochures

Did you know we created a set of brochures for our members to help educate patients on the effects of abortion on their physical and mental health.

We have worked with Kinetic Media LLC, a design and print company to offer these brochures for you to purchase and pass out to your patients. We have arranged special AAPLOG member pricing so that you can purchase these brochures at a large discount.

There are 4 Main Patient Education Brochures along with an AAPLOG Information Brochure. Each brochure is available in English & Spanish. To learn more, click the button below.



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