Fryday fax:U.S. Rebukes World Health Organization on Abortion Promotion-l’OMS est bien sûr dirigée par une pétasse

U.S. Rebukes World Health Organization on Abortion Promotion

Dear Colleague,
Donald Trump continues to show why he is the most pro-life president in U.S. history. His negotiators at the World Health Assembly this week strongly rebuked the World Health Organization for promoting abortion. The administration is showing they know that defunding UNFPA and expanding Mexico City policy is not the end of what the US needs to do in the global pro-life movement. There is much more to do and they are doing it. Susan Yoshihara Ph.D. reports.

Even though UN member states have repeatedly for years rejected the notion of a global right to abortion, UN agencies continue to ignore the UN member states. A new manual for UN personnel shows this abundantly. Stefano Gennarini J.D. reports.

On Monday, the United States celebrates a holiday called Memorial Day. It began after the Civil War when war widows would visit and decorate the graves of soldiers who died in battle. It was then called Decoration Day. My wife Cathy and our daughters Lucy and Gigi will be visiting Arlington National Cemetery to decorate the graves of men and women who have recently given their lives for freedom. It is a remarkable experience because the families of the recently fallen will be there, sitting at the graves of their loved ones, receiving hugs, handshakes, and tears from those of us who have benefited from their sacrifice. C-Fam is especially proud of our colleague Susan Yoshihara who put in twenty years in the Navy where, among other things, she flew helicopters rescue missions during the Gulf War.

Spread the world. Be brave. Keep the faith.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse


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