Austin Ruse: Another Huge Win at the UN

Another Huge Win at the UN
The Radicals are Angry and are Coming Back

April 17, 2018


It was last Friday afternoon and something remarkable happened at the UN.

After weeks of formal and informal negotiation, the UN Commission on Population and Development ended WITHOUT A DOCUMENT.

That’s right. You read that right. This massive UN negotiation that intended to produce a document ENDED IN STALEMATE.

Why did this happen?

Because of vigilant pro-lifers, including C-Fam, insisting that “comprehensive sexuality education” be taken out of the document.

Also, insisting that “reproductive health” be qualified with pro-life language.

And, that national sovereignty must be in the document. National sovereignty protects government from UN radicals who want to impose abortion on their countries.

These were deal killers for our side. The racial Europeans and UN bureaucrats were furious. This is their second defeat in a couple months. Recall, the radicals lost the negotiation at the Commission on the Status of Women, thanks to C-Fam’s amazing team and our allies in other pro-life groups and the very brave UN delegates.

I want you to know that these massive wins could NOT have happened without you, your prayers and your financial support. We cannot do this without you. We cannot beat the rich and powerful radicals without your support.

There are more negotiations coming up, including a high-level political meeting in a few months.

You are on a winning team. I ask you to help us continue this fight. Please pray for us by name: Lisa Correnti, Stefano Gennarini, Susan Yoshihara, and Rebecca Oas.

And also, please give. We are in dire financial straits. This is our permanent state. We do not get huge government money, or money from rich foundations, or wealthy individuals. That means we rely on the widow’s mite.

After these massive wins, our coffers are nearly empty. Help us right now.

The enemies of life and family never sleep. They never give up, even though we beat them all the time. So, we cannot rest. We cannot stop. And neither can you. Please help us right now.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax


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