AAPLOG:Abortion Pill Reversal, Fetal Pain, and the Awakening of the Black Community

Abortion Pill Reversal, Fetal Pain, and the Awakening of the Black Community


April 14, 2018

Dear olivier,

Of the many things that are happening in the life issues right now, this update highlights three important but inconvenient facts.

Abortion Pill Reversal, an Inconvenient Fact

A new case series, authored by AAPLOG members George Delgado and Mary Davenport, demonstrates that Mifeprex abortions can be reversed using natural progesterone. The study, looking at 261 successful mifepristone reversals, showed that the reversal success rates were 68% with the high-dose oral progesterone protocol and 64% with the injected progesterone protocol; both were significantly better rates than the 25% survival rate if no treatment is offered. There was no increased risk of birth defects or preterm births.

The publication of this paper has left pro-abortion advocates, including ACOG, in a difficult position.  No longer can ACOG claim that there is no research on the efficacy of abortion pill reversal.  And for ACOG to oppose the use of progesterone to reverse the effects of a mifepristone induced progesterone deficiency flies in the face of common sense as well as the well established use of progesterone in infertility for over 40 years, (see ASRM guidelines on the use of progesterone in early pregnancy.)

Facts do not appear to be nearly so important to  ACOG  when those facts refute their incessant pro-abortion advocacy.

Here are the facts:* The development of mifepristone as an abortifacient was based on its mechanism as a reversible progesterone receptor antagonist; using progesterone to counteract the effect of mifepristone is the logical extension of simple principles of toxicology and poison control.

* Animal experiments clearly demonstrate that progesterone administered concurrently with mifepristone can prevent the abortifacient action of mifepristone.

* The new case series of 261 successful abortion pill reversals, published in Issues in Law and Medicine (ILM), showed a 68% survival rate with the high dose oral progesterone protocol and 64% survival rate with progesterone injections

* These survival rates are statistically significant (p<0.001 ) when compared with the 25% continuing pregnancy rate when mifepristone, the first drug of the current two drug medical abortion regimen, is taken alone.

* Even Daniel Grossman, MD, a long time pro-abortion advocate and author of ACOG’s Practice Bulletin on Medical Abortion, conceded in a Washington Post article that

 « Only a small fraction of the roughly 150,000 U.S. women who have medical abortions annually change their minds, he noted. “But it’s not zero, and I do think that women who change their minds should be given the best available information about what they should do.” 

* Progesterone use to reverse mifepristone is an ethical and legitimate use of a safe drug, similar to off label use of many other pharmaceuticals. Local IRB involvement was explored and deemed not necessary by the IRB.

Abortion advocates are apoplectic over this new case series.  Why?  The fact that some women are actually ambivalent about their abortion decision and they may choose to change their mind, flies in the face of the legal spin that pro-abortion advocates have woven to try to overturn informed consent legislation.

Read more…

Fetal Pain, Another Inconvenient Fact

Fetal pain is another inconvenient fact that makes the pro-abortion activists at ACOG squirm.   Yet, the evidence speaks for itself:

Fetal Pain: The Evidence
AAPLOG Statement on Post-Viability Abortions
Post Delivery Survival 
AAPLOG Committee Opinion 1:  HIppocratic Objection to Killing Human Beings in Medical Practice

Saline Instillation Abortion
Partial Birth Abortion
What is a Dismemberment Abortion?

The All-Party Pro-Life Parliamentary Group in the United Kingdom will be conducting an inquiry into fetal development.  The main focus is on fetal pain and whether or not analgesics should be used as standard for all late term abortions.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) is aware of the effort and has not given a response to the inquiry.  
However, one AAPLOG member, Dr.Sheila Page, President of the Texas chapter of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeonshas written a letter to the inquiry group regarding fetal pain.

Please take the time to express to the inquiry committee your professional opinion as reproductive health experts on this subject.

The Awakening Black Pro-Life Community, A Third Inconvenient Fact

One of the most inconvenient facts that pro-abortion advocates constantly dance around is the targeting of the Black American community for abortion.   This targeting is the ugly eugenic purpose for which Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood.  It is increasingly difficult to hide the results of elective abortion on the health of Black women.  The CDC documents that Black women have nearly three times the abortion rate as compared to white women.  And, not surprisingly, Black women also have nearly three times the rate of preterm birth as compared to white women.  In addition, Black women have a greater incidence of breast cancer, with greater mortality than caucasian women.

The Black community is waking up to these realities.

Black leaders like Mr. Ryan Bomberger, President and Founder of the Radiance Foundation, are launching new initiatives to educate the Black community about What abortion really is   and wake the sleeping giant.

The Church of God in Christ, one of the largest Black denominations, has courageously stepped forward with a new mission:  To make abortion unthinkable in the Black community.   Started in 2015, the Famiy Life Campaign of COGIC is transforming the understanding of the Black community about abortion.

The Restoration Project, led by Catherine Davis is also offering another exciting initiative:

« Planned Parenthood and other Eugenicists have been targeting the Black and Latino communities for decades. Since 2006, they have accelerated the targeting taking the lives of more that 3.8 million children most of whom were Black and Latino. The Restoration Project invites you to join us in saying enough! … »

[On May 16 2018] « …We are petitioning Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project and its implementation in our communities today… Join us in this effort to shut down one of the last bastions of systemic discrimination in America. …you can sign the petition and register for the summit. Please help us get 10,000 signatures by sharing this with at least ten people in your sphere of influence and ask them to share it with at least ten others.

Our battle is real,

Catherine Davis The-Restoration-Project.org  

(Twitter:@marymom17  Facebook:@evolutionofthenegroproject   Linked In  )


AAPLOG urges you to speak where and when you are given an opportunity.  You can make a real difference.

Thanks for standing with us.

For Life,

Donna J. Harrison M.D.
Executive Director
American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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