Fryday fax:Canada to Drive Abortion Agenda at Upcoming G7 Meeting

Canada to Drive Abortion Agenda
at Upcoming G7 Meeting

Dear Colleague,

Where under President Trump the U.S. has turned pro-life in our foreign policy, under Justin Trudeau, Canada has turned hard left. They now have what they call a « feminist foreign policy, » whatever that is. It sounds as silly as some of those costumes Trudeau embarrassed himself with in India. There is an important G7 meeting upcoming that Canada is hosting. It will test the pro-life mettle of the Trump administration. Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. reports.

Ireland is in the midst of a massive battle to protect the unborn child. One of the last truly pro-life countries on Earth, the radicals cannot let that stand. One of the central players in that battle is the great David Quinn, a longtime friend. He is interviewed here by Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D.

I also want to draw your attention to an important piece that Rebecca Oas has up at Turtlebay and Beyond. She is a deep thinker and an expert statistician and her piece on newborn survival is a must read.

Watch Susan Yoshihara on EWTN tonight talking about what happened at the just-completed Commission on the Status of Women where a negotiator for the Trump administration came under vicious attack from sexual radicals.

Lastly, if you are in town next week, you can still RSVP for our panel on migration and its impact on the family.

Spread the word. Be brave. Keep the faith.


Austin Ruse


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