Ausin Ruse:

They are coming once more
We are there to stop them

April 8, 2018


The radicals are coming again. They arrive at the UN in a matter of hours. The UN Commission on Population and Development begins Monday morning 10 a.m.

What is in store for us? Well, the same old same old. While this one will be smaller than the Commission on the Status of Women, it will be no less dangerous for the unborn child and the family.

The sexual revolutionaries will attempt to advance their cause in a document that, while nonbinding on nations, is nonetheless dangerous for two reasons.

First, it will be binding on UN agencies and personnel. That is to say, it will give them “permission” to do what they want to do already; impose a dangerous notion of the human person on the whole world.

Second, even nonbinding documents can contribute to what is known as “customary international law.” Customary international law is something that becomes law through common usage rather than through treaty. The sexual left says repeating certain words and phrases, even in nonbinding documents, can create international law.

What are these phrases? You know them. Reproductive health. Reproductive rights. Sexual rights. Sexual orientation and gender identity. Diversity. And many others.

It takes a steely nerve for a UN diplomat from a poor country to stand up to the donor nations of Europe and say NO, WE WILL NOT TAKE YOUR POISON!

One of the leading diplomats who stopped this language in the just-finished Commission on the Status of Women may lose his job because of pressure from European countries! This is what happens to those brave enough to say no.

But, my wonderful C-Fam team will be there. Lisa, Stefano, Susan, and Rebecca; two Ph.Ds. and one J.D. Not bad!

And they are a remarkable help to the diplomats who are outspent and outmanned by the radical left from Europe and the UN itself!

The diplomat who may lose his job told us he couldn’t have stopped them without us.

So, once more into the breach, dear friend. Once more.

So, once more, we come to you for your prayers and your financial assistance. We are up against billionaires. It is so great to beat them! But we can’t do it without you.

Please pray right now and give your most generous gift. If you have given recently, many many thanks. Perhaps you will give again. There’s no law against it! If you haven’t given in a while, please do. We need you.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax


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