Austin Ruse:We Beat them at CSW But Now Comes CPD Your Help Still Needed

We Beat them at CSW
But Now Comes CPD
Your Help Still Needed
March 29, 2018

At the just completed Commission on the Status of Women, we beat them. We stopped so many nasty terms pushed by the sexual left.

We stopped “comprehensive sexuality education.” We stopped the advance of abortion. We stopped “sexual orientation and gender identity.” And boy are the radical feminists angry. Here is what one of them said,

“As a caucus we have been dissatisfied. If we are not going to move forward, this is a waste of our time as feminists. I have already had some conversations with UN Women and other groups that something has to change, because as I said, it is not worth my time and energy to come here and do this if we are left with less than nothing.”

How wonderful that we have so stymied them that they might stop pushing their heinous agenda? Wow!

Consider that they have spent twenty-five years, hundreds of millions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of man-hours and they have not advanced their agenda even one syllable. Why is this? Because of C-Fam and our close partners among NGOs and pro-life delegations!

But, do the radicals ever really give up? Sad, no. In fact, in two weeks yet another Commission begins. I call this “commission season” where the hard-left tries again and again to promote abortion, the gay agenda, nasty sex-ed and much else. But we are always there to stop them and are they ever steamed!

On April 9, 11 days from now, they are coming again. The Commission on Population and Development (CPD) is upon us. Once more, the hard left will push abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity, comprehensive sexuality education and the whole panoply of the sexual revolution that has left millions wounded or dead.

I come to you once more. We beat them at CSW, but we cannot rest for CPD.

The bad news is that almost all of our wonderful NGO partners will be gone. They were here for CSW, but they will be gone for CPD. I understand this. It is wildly expensive to come to New York and stay in New York hotels and eat in restaurants for two weeks. But, we are here full-time. We can do this.

But we can’t do it without you.

In order to keep going, C-Fam must raise $25,000 per week just to keep going! I ask you now, to help with this week’s budget.

Can you afford $1000? $500? $100 $50? Even $10 goes a long way!

Pray now for our success and give as much as you can.

Stay strong.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax

PS This is an urgent appeal. We really do need you.


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