Fryday fax: Trafficking Sites Close After New Law Passes

Trafficking Sites Close After New Law Passes

Dear Colleague,

What amazing news. Sex trafficking sites are closing down at a rapid pace after Congress passed two bills allowing trafficking victims to sue the sites that trafficked them. Big Tech resisted the new legislation, just as the Silicon Valley companies have burrowed so deep into our lives. This is great news. Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D. reports.

It was Christian groups that helped drive the new legislation that is shuttering sex sites. Christians are also a big part of the protest against UNICEF, due to the way the UN children’s agency is sexualizing children through its truly nasty sex-ed program. The sexual left works full-time to undermine the morals of our children. We must band together to stop them. I report.

Spread the word. Be brave. Keep the faith.


Austin Ruse

PS The Commission on Population and Development begins in a little over a week. It will be a huge battle and we need you. Go to and help us right back. WE WON AT CSW. WE CAN WIN AT CPD


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