We just received an important and time sensitive email from Freedom2Care below.   Please read and take the time to make a comment to HHS commending them for their tremendously important creation of a Conscience and Religious Freedom division within HHS.   The comment period will close tomorrow.

Freedom2Care has made commenting extremely easy.  Please take the time to do so.

You can also read AAPLOG’s comments here:

AAPLOG Comment on Proposed Rule.pdf   which included the following attachments

AAPLOG CO 1. Hippocratic Objection to Killing Human Beings in Medical Practice.pdf

Mennuti to Senator 8-05054.pdf

aaplog to Mennuti 8-05055.pdf

ACOG Committee Opinion 385.pdf

ACOG Committee Opinion 613.pdf

Please take a minute and support HHS with your comments.  See email below.

Thanks for standing with us.

For Life,


Donna J. Harrison, M.D.

Executive Director

American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists


Life. It’s why we are here.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Freedom2Care <f2c_list@mailmanager.net>
Date: Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 10:02 AM
Subject: Deadline Tuesday, 3/27: Voice your view on conscience and faith in healthcare – new rule
To: ji@freedom2care.org

Deadline Tuesday, March 26: Use our ready-made comment form to voice your view on a new healthcare faith and conscience rule

We have a brief window of opportunity to protect conscience and religious freedom in healthcare.

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Resources (HHS) has proposed-and asked for our comments on-a new rule that would strongly protect the religious and conscience rights of health professionals and patients.

The new rule will help protect pro-life, faith-based and morally concerned health professionals and patients from discrimination, loss of physician, coercion, job loss, loss of healthcare access, license revocation, demotions, loss of educational opportunity, forced training and much more.

The new rule also gives us a defender-the HHS Office of Civil Rights-to  take up complaints of discrimination, educate the health community about conscience and enforce 25 federal laws related to faith and conscience freedom in healthcare.

Of course, opponents of conscience protections are flailing with falsehoods against the rule. Planned Parenthood is saying the rule is a « dangerous policy that could block patients from getting care, simply for who they are…. » The opposite is true. Without conscience protections, faith-based and pro-life health professionals will not be able to care for patients, since they have committed to caring according to life-honoring principles and will not participate in life-ending procedures.

So the quick action you can take right now is to visit our Freedom2Care web page and follow the very simple steps to submit your comment. You can also learn more there about the proposed rule.

Then just push the button and submit your comment. The deadline is March 27.

Important: You can also include in your comment any discrimination in healthcare, because of conscience or faith, that you have experienced or witnessed.

(For legal help and reporting discrimination, click here.)

Watch this quick video to learn more.

By submitting your comment, you will be protecting your God-given, constitutionally asserted rights to choose what to believe and to act on your beliefs. You also will be protecting the rights of other health professionals, patients and all Americans to do the same.

Thank you for taking advantage of this rare opportunity.


Jonathan Imbody
Director, Freedom2Care

P.S. On the Freedom2Care web page, you can choose a quick and simple response (takes about 30 seconds) or also a more detailed response to specific questions if you prefer. You can also read Freedom2Care’s comment

Alternatively, you can submit your comment directly to HHS via regulations.gov here.


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