Austin Ruse:Victory. Victory. Victory.

Victory. Victory. Victory.

March 25, 2018
Day of the Unborn Child

Dear Olivier:

As one of C-Fam’s dear friends I wanted you to know right away what we achieved over the past two weeks.

Under great pressure, against great odds, we won. It is simple as that. We won.

The UN met for an intense two-week negotiation that ended on Friday afternoon at something called the Commission on the Status of Women. It is the biggest and craziest meeting at the UN all year, chock-a-block with nutty abortion and homosexual advocates.

And we won.

  • The final document has NO NEW COMMITMENTS on abortion or homosexual rights.
  • The final document does not include “safe abortion.”
  • The document does not recognize the concept of “family diversity,” which is code for homosexual marriage.
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity was taken OUT of the document.
  • “Women in all their diversity,” code for transgenderism was removed from this document!
  • Though the document includes “reproductive health,” which we oppose, the reference includes a qualification which excludes abortion.

Some among the pro-life coalition at the UN thought such a victory was not possible, that delegations did not have the political will to resist. But, they did. C-Fam has never accepted defeatism. We know delegations want to resist the dominant leftism of the UN bureaucracy and the governments of the European Union.

The C-Fam team has never been better, has never been more effective or better connected to pro-life delegations. And we could not do this without you, without your prayers and your financial support.

I ask you now to pray that these victories continue as we prepare for the next battle which begins in a few weeks. We are in the midst of what I call “Commission Season” during which the left works hard to advance its anti-life and anti-family agenda.

We cannot continue this without you. I ask you now, even if you have given recently and especially if you haven’t…

We have been at this for twenty years, during which the left has tried to create a right to abortion, has tried to redefine the family. And each and every time, we have stopped them. Help us continue this work. Pray, right now, and give at

Yours in Christ,

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax

PS The Commission on Population and Development begins April 9th. Be there with us through your prayers and your financial support!!!


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