Aplog:1 Conscience and Hippocratic Medicine

February 10, 2018

We wanted to start with some breaking news before we take you to the updates on Conscience, Assisted Suicide and Abortion.

1 Conscience and Hippocratic Medicine

Oral arguments were heard  before the United States Supreme Court this week on a critically important case involving whether or not the State of California could force pro life pregnancy centers to advertise and refer for abortions.  The details of the case can be obtained here.    An interesting blog on the oral arguments presented today can be obtained here.

The fact that the State of California would even try an over-reach such as this belies the need for Federal Conscience protections as codified in the Conscience Protection Act as explained in this letter from Congresswoman Diane Black and other members of Congress to the Speaker of the House.   You can help in this effort by communicating to your Representatives and Senators now the urgent need for conscience protections now.

This bill could be voted on as early as tomorrow.

Also please considering signing this declaration on conscience, which explains the need for conscience in medicine.

2 Assisted Suicide

Proponents of Physician Assisted Suicide have been determined to introduce legislation in many states this year.   But, at least in Massachusettes, they were defeated today.

  The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Public Health held a poll vote today and the result is that both the House and Senate assisted suicide bills were sent to a study committee, effectively killing the bills for this legislative session! This is a huge victory – Massachusetts was one of the big targeted states for Compassion and Choices.   

            The odds were formidable:  40 bill sponsors, the media, and four full-time paid employees working for Compassion and Choices in the state.  The Massachusetts Alliance did a commendable job in defeating the bills.   Many testified at a public hearing; 25 doctors held a Doctors’ Day at the State House; the doctors and members of the disability community visited committee members on a continual basis; the disability community die legislative briefings; and constituents held district meetings with committee members.  The Patients Rights Action Fund assisted the Alliance in training and strategy and put together the Doctor’s Day.  Aides said that in the end, they were counting calls asking for the bills to be defeated which contributed significantly to the defeat.    Congratulations and kudos to the Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide, Second Thoughts Massachusetts and our physicians.  You are our heroes! 

See video testimony by Dr. Callister

As a physician, your speaking and writing makes a huge difference in public opinion.  See eloquent article by Dr. E Wes Ely

3 Abortion

Every few years the fallacy of appeal to authority is again paraded before us.   5 years ago this was in the form of 100 Professors celebrating Roe v. Wade, to which AAPLOG members made this response.
Now, we have a new set of self appointed spokespersons for the medical profession, this time in the form of the National Academy of Sciences « Review » on abortion.   The NAS is a private organization supported by grants from organizations who also support abortion expansion worldwide.   The NAS report ignores decades of research cherry picking a few articles and waiving their hands to dismiss any harms from abortion.
By selectively reviewing only a few articles, they attempt to dismiss the complete body of literature on the well established association between preterm birth and subsequent abortion,  psychological effects, and on the association between abortion and breast cancer, because they simply don’t like it.

In contrast, an excellent publication  « Complications »    explains in explicit detail the state of the medical literature documenting the harms of abortion as of 2014.   And there has been much more published since then, including the comprehensive review of abortion and breast cancer published in the 2014 Spring edition of Issues in Law and Medicine, which dues paying AAPLOG members received.

This appeal to paid authorities to dismiss facts that are uncomfortable to the establishment has been seen before in history.  In response to the book  « 100 Authors against Einstein » which proported to refute the theory of relativity, Einstein is reported to respond:   » If I were wrong, it would only take one ».

This new and relatively weak attempt by NAS to dismiss the devastating effects of abortion on many women by the appeal to the authority of professors funded to come to predetermined conclusions, does little to convince the objective observer that abortion is good for women.   In fact, their conclusion flies in the face of the lived experience of women who have had abortions as well as the practitioners who have cared for them.

Although surely this NAS publication, which is clearly a made-for-the-courtroom document, will be thrown back in the face of honest scientists who look at the data and let the data speak for itself,  yet truth has a stubborn way of resisting and persisting through all attempts to suppress it’s inconvenient conclusions.

AAPLOG is committed updating our website with new reviews of the literature in combating this skewed paper.   Would you like to help?   Write me at donna@aaplog.org  or consider a donation to help.

Thanks for standing with us.

For Life,

Donna J. Harrison M.D.
Executive Director
American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists


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