myth laid to rest

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A manufactured myth laid to rest


Hopefully we can now definitively debunk the elaborate myth that Pope Emeritus Benedict has endorsed the theological initiatives of his successor.

It seems one more paragraph has been discovered in that letter written by Benedict which was supposed to be “private and confidential’.

Here is the full text of the letter.

Phil Lawler has provided all the background in a new commentary, Papal continuity or discontinuity? The Vatican PR team scores on its own goal.

Too often ecclesiastical officials claim to be possessed of the virtue of Caesar’s wife while lacking even the relatively primitive integrity of Job.

Which brings me to the next in my series on the books of the Bible: Job’s Controversial Innocence.

Sadly, when morality is defined in terms of successful agendas, we end up not only with doctored evidence but straw-in-the-wind news stories like these:

Holy Weeks is sneaking up on us. Our Lenten Workshop includes a section on Holy Week that can help you prepare.

Soon, though, you will need the next in our series of ebooks: Easter volume released for this liturgical year

Do not be discouraged by a poorly-kept Lent: Even one true sacrifice, for the glory of God and the good of souls, is immensely valuable.
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