Laura Rose:Become a Life Defender:

My name is Laura Rose (sadly, no relation to Lila Rose, our founder and president), and I have managed Live Action’s monthly giving program for almost three years now.

You’ve already received a few emails in the past couple days about becoming a Life Defender by beginning a monthly donation to Live Action….have you considered partnering with us?

Become a Life Defender:

I wanted to email you and let you know some of my favorite things about our monthly giving program you may not know. It’s more cost-efficient, saves time for you, sustains our ongoing efforts like our investigative reporting on Live Action News, and allows us to plan for our future educational campaigns.

To accomplish our life-saving work, we need at least seventy more monthly donors this month. Will you become a Life Defender today and help us plan for the future and reach more people with the truth about abortion and the humanity of the preborn?

My favorite part of my job is hearing personal stories from our Life Defenders – how they became pro-life, and what they are doing for the movement now.

We have Life Defenders of all ages: from high schoolers to grandparents. Our Life Defenders are all over the world: Mexico, Europe, Africa, and North America. They work in pregnancy centers, in accounting careers, as clergymen, as stay-at-home moms–and those are just the friends I’ve talked with recently!

You can be an effective voice in the pro-life movement no matter where you are or what your situation is. The most sustainable, effective way of supporting Live Action is becoming a Life Defender and begin a monthly donation today.  

Become a Life Defender:

Join hundreds of Life Defenders today and partner with pro-life men and women around the globe who have already decided to support us on an ongoing basis. And when you start your donation, leave a comment in the comment box to share how you learned about Live Action and what you are doing for life now!

I can’t wait to hear your story, and to share more of Live Action’s story with you!

– Laura

Laura Rose
Development Associate


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