Life site:There are many Catholics just like you who want to do something to protect our cherished faith.

If you’ve watched the original Star Wars trilogy, you may remember the pivotal moment when Luke realizes he can no longer run from his father, Darth Vader, but that he must fight for the truth against the dark side of the force by turning himself over.

In this climactic scene, Luke reminds his father, « [Anakin Skywalker] is the name of your true self. You’ve only forgotten. I know there is good in you. The Emperor hasn’t driven it from you fully. »

More and more Catholics are concerned over the growing darkness in the Church. But despite the daily attacks on unchangeable doctrine by liberals in the Vatican, we cannot throw in the towel and give victory to the dark side.

There are many Catholics just like you who want to do something to protect our cherished faith. You see what is happening in the Church and, like Luke Skywalker, wish you could draw your lightsaber to battle the diabolical disorientation taking grip.

Sometimes you must feel you are merely a spectator, feeling helpless as you watch the battle for our beloved faith waged in front of you. But that feeling couldn’t be further from the truth. You are more than a spectator, you are the hero to those who benefit from our news reporting.

You are both the battery for the lightsaber and the Luke Skywalker of this story! 

LifeSiteNews is like a lightsaber. We investigate stories in the Church all over the world, uncover facts Rome would rather you not know about, and do interviews with faithful clergy. But we are only a weapon which is powered by your generosity and used by you and the faithful around the world to engage in the spiritual and societal battle surrounding us.

Will you stand up to the enemies of Church teaching and be the hero of the story today?  Pro-gay Vatican adviser Fr. James Martin is not relenting in his fight to normalize homosexuality in the Church. Neither are radical Bishops who want to give Holy Communion to adulterers. You are needed now more than ever.

We must raise a minimum of $250,000 by March 29th to continue our pro-life and pro-family news reporting at its current high level in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. (Click here to donate!) You can help provide TRUTH across the world by donating to our Spring Campaign.

Your $35 gift helps us reach as many as 5,000 people with pro-life and pro-family news reporting. 

(You can make a donation online, or by phone or mail.)

Your support today will aide laity, priests, Bishops, and even Cardinals who find themselves out-numbered, out-funded, and under relentless attack by media forces that distort their message or tune out their voices. These faithful defenders of orthodoxy are begging for help to get their voice out to millions of people.

Your gift is a concrete way to make a stand against the goliath of the mainstream media, liberal politicians, and progressive Bishops attacking our cherished faith. And 100% of your donation today will go towards that fight.

The question is, how many people do you want to reach?

Can I count on you to provide the TRUTH to as many as 5,000 people today with your gift of $35? Perhaps you want to help us reach more than 10,000 people with a donation of $75? (Click here to donate)

Every person you help us reach becomes equipped with this lightsaber to engage in the culture war. Through your support our reporting reaches millions of readers who wield the news and information they need to effectively fend off every major attack on life and the family.

You have the power to activate the most important weapon in the midst of this great battle: the TRUTH!

Anti-life and anti-family giant Internet information monopolies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and others are making it increasingly difficult to obtain exposure for social conservative articles.

We are counting on your support today to help us get around these deliberate Internet roadblocks threatening the spread of the truth!

(You can make a donation online, or by phone or mail.)

Will you be the hero in the story? Will you power the lightsaber of TRUTH and pray and work with the truth to help us defend faith, life, and family?

Donate Today.

For faith, life and family,


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