World Medical Association Abortion Policy, Unleashing medical abortion and PAS update :The Push toward DYI Abortions with Mifeprex

February 10, 2018

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Many thanks to Kinetic Media for the Member Update face-lift.

The World Medical Association is poised to change their abortion policy and now require mandatory performance or referral.  Pro abortion forces are pushing for do it yourself Mifeprex abortions.  And there was a quiet victory on the Assisted Suicide front.  Check out the new links to the classified ads and to upcoming conferences.

World Medical Association Abortion Policy Changes

The World Medical Association (WMA) is composed of the leadership of national medical associations such as the AMA, the Canadian Medical Association, etc. The WMA is now considering changing their 2006 policy on abortion, which allowed for conscientious objection to killing unborn patients to a radical policy requiring performance or referral for abortion.  AAPLOG, along with American College of Pediatricians, Catholic Medical Association, Christian Medical and Dental Association, and others have sent a letter defending your conscience and Hippocratic medical practice.  The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has also contacted the AMA. You can let AMA leadership know asap what you think about the proposed Working Group Abortion Policy revisions.  Read more…

The Push toward DYI Abortions with Mifeprex

The ACLU is currently suing the FDA because the FDA has restrictions on how medical abortions can be performed, even after FDA last year relaxed restrictions and gave the abortion industry wide leeway.   Why? Read more…

Assisted Suicide and Health Care Rationing

A quiet  victory was recently accomplished with the repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board mandated in the Affordable Care Act.  This board of unelected bureaucrats had the statutory power under the ACA to limit not only government funds, but also private funds used for end of life care. Read more…

Thanks for your 2018 dues payment!

Thanks to all you who have already paid dues for 2018.   If you have automatic recurring payments,  then your 2018 dues will be charged to your credit card on Mar 1.  (If you have automatic recurring payments but have already paid dues by check, your credit card WILL NOT BE CHARGED.  Let us know if you have any problems.)   And, thanks again for your dues payment.  It keeps the lights on!

Thanks for standing with us.

For Life,

Donna J. Harrison M.D.
Executive Director
American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Classified Ads highlight today:

The Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada (WRMCSN) is seeking a Licensed Medical Professional (CNM, NP, or PA).  WRMCSN is a Christian, pro-life charitable organization that offers positive alternatives to abortion for women and men of all ages facing unintended pregnancies.  We have served our community for 33 years and have recently expanded our services by beginning to offer prenatal care.

Please see the full job description and employment application at  Contact Jennifer Ibarra at or 702-982-0714 for more information.


Reply Ob/Gyn & Fertility is a fertility awareness-only ob/gyn practice in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill triange areal of North Carolina….We are looking for full-time ob/gyns to join our growing NC team, as well as to begin development of new clinics in other geographical areas.  Learn more about us at our website:

 Cindi Cass, Practice Manager   919.539.8309




Upcoming Conferences

Below find information about upcoming conferences where AAPLOG has a booth, and also some additional educational opportunities or conferences which may be of special interest to AAPLOG members.
The AAPLOG board and members exhibit at medical conferences around the country.  If you are planning to attend a conference, and see that we are exhibiting, please come by…or even better, email and offer to cover the booth for an hour.  Working at the AAPLOG booth is an outstanding way to hone your ability to articulate an evidence based defense of both the pregnant mother and her unborn child. 
Fertility Awareness online CME
Feb 14, 2018  Fertility & Family Planning: The science behind FABMs
12 – 1 PM (EST) – Earn CME!

Feb 22, 2018  The Female Cycle as the 5th Vital Sign
7 – 8 PM (EST) – Earn CME!

A short blurb about conference 2.
AAPLOG will be presenting a workshop on « Embryos: Person or Property »

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