Students for Life of America:If you have already donated to our #GivingTuesday campaign, thank you!

If you have already donated to our #GivingTuesday campaign, thank you!

I pray you had a wonderful weekend with your family! I wanted to resend you this email I sent on Friday asking for your urgent help.

A handful of generous supporters have pledged to match every donation we receive between now and tomorrow, #GivingTuesday.

Please make the largest tax-deductible you can by going here: before midnight tomorrow.

A gift of $25 will be DOUBLED to $50! A gift of $100 will be DOUBLED to $200! A gift of $500 will be DOUBLED to $1,000!

Thank you,

—Begin Forwarded Message—

Dear Olivier,

I hope you had a great day with your family yesterday. I had such a wonderful time enjoying the day with my husband and children! My daughter, Gracie, loves the dollhouse I just found her on Amazon, so I spent hours playing house!

But today, I’m back to work with our team laying the groundwork for our brand new campaign for 2018 to finally Defund and Defeat Planned Parenthood and take on the biggest objective of the abortion industry right now, getting RU-486, the abortion pill, on college campuses.

However, I have to let you know about a huge announcement we have: a handful of generous donors are going to DOUBLE every gift that Students for Life receives between now and this Tuesday, November 28 up to $60,000!

Here are the only two rules:

  1. You must donate on the below page towards this campaign. Just go here:
  2. To have your donation DOUBLED, you must give between now and this coming Tuesday, November 28th.

Olivier, THIS IS HUGE and such a blessing!

We have a lot of expenses coming up in the next several weeks.

I have to buy more than 15,000 of our “I am the Pro-Life Generation” signs for this year’s March for Life and Walk for Life and make the final payments for our East Coast and West Coast National Conferences.

We’re planning to go all-out in the coming year to ensure Planned Parenthood and their spin-machine are defunded of our taxpayer dollars. In addition, we are going to be spending a lot of time in California where lawmakers are trying to pass a law that would turn every university into an abortion mill, forcing every campus health center to dispense the abortion pill. And – with the stakes so high in 2018 – we’re planning a massive “I Vote Pro-Life First” Campaign.

Under this campaign, we’ll ask young pro-lifers to register to vote and then pledge to follow through on Election Day.

While many young people are pro-life, other issues sometimes decide their votes, so we want to encourage them to make the pro-life cause their number-one issue in 2018.

Of course, all of our big plans are going to take resources.

So, today, can you consider making the most generous, tax-deductible gift you can?

Anything you can give will be instantly doubled, so that means….

A gift of $25 will be doubled to $50!
A gift of $75 will be doubled to $150!
A gift of $150 will be doubled to $300!
A gift of $5,000 will be doubled to $10,000!

Thank you for all you do for Students for Life, through your prayers and gifts.

Because of you, we have turned the tide and we are marching forward to that day when abortion is abolished in our nation.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

P.S. – If you are hoping for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on Amazon like me, please make sure to use this link: and Amazon will donate .5% of your total purchase to Students for Life!


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