Austin Ruse:Transnationalists are your enemy. We fight them for you…

Transnationalists are your enemy.
We fight them for you…

Dear Friend of the Friday Fax,

Transnationalists seek global power. They seek to impose their radical view on the whole world. They do this through the United Nations and other international institutions.

Transnationalists hate countries. They hate borders. And if we stand in their way, they hate you and me and our children.

Transnationalists are social radicals who seek to spread abortion and homosexuality around the world. If you stand in their way, they will hate you and me and our children.

But we do stand in their way and they do hate us. Know what? We don’t care.

We fight the transnationalists every single day at the UN. We fight them in Washington DC. We fight them in capitals around the world.

We would die fighting them.

We believe in unborn babies. We believe in THE family. We believe in man-woman marriage for life. We believe in countries and culture. We believe in West Civilization.

We would die fighting for them.

We understand that you are busy living your lives, raising your families. We understand that you cannot come to the UN to fight our enemies. That is why we are here.

But you can help us and never have to darken the doorways of UN headquarters in New York. You can help us with your daily prayers. Did you know there are whole congregations of Nuns praying for us? Mega-evangelical churches praying for us?

You can join them by remembering C-Fam in your prayers every single day.

You can help us financially, too. The transnationalists have unlimited budgets, billions of dollars. We have very little. We kind of like it that way. It means all the glory goes to God. Because we fight them and we win.

We have stopped a global right to abortion. We have stopped them from redefining the family. We have defended national sovereignty from the transnationalists.

And you can help us. 

We need to raise $10,000 by Tuesday at noon. This is to cover pending bills. Please know that we do not waste dime. But we do need your help urgently.

Help us fight the rapacious transnationalists by going to and give as much as you can. Follow the link and you can find many ways to give.

We need you now. The transnationalists are on the march.

Yours in Christ,

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax


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