Patrick Trueman, NCOSE:Happy Thanksgiving from Us to You!

Happy Thanksgiving from Us to You!


Dear Brandenburg,
We feel blessed this year by several victories we have had in the movement to end sexual exploitation and defend human dignity. We are especially grateful for you, our supporters. Without your generous financial support, none of our victories would be possible, and those who are fueling sexual exploitation in our culture would face little to no resistance!
Together, our actions are changing the culture. Just to name a few examples:

  • With NCOSE’s leadership, Walmart removed eroticized child nudity photography books from online stores. 
  • After aggressive PR campaigns from NCOSE, the fast-food company Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s finally changed policies to stop using hypersexualized images of women to sell hamburgers.
  • As a direct result of NCOSE’s Dirty Dozen List campaigns, four of the world’s most prominent hotel chains all agreed to stop selling pornography through their on-demand and cable services. This amounts to 1.2 million occupied hotel rooms on average that are porn-free each night now!
Again, we are so thankful for your financial support in these efforts, without which we would not be able to accomplish any of our ambitious goals. We know that you share our vision for a society free from sexual exploitation, so please consider supporting NCOSE on Giving Tuesday.
Any amount you choose to donate today will help us continue to protect innocent individuals from sexual exploitation and keep our momentum going. Even better, our Board of Directors has agreed to match any gift, pledge or planned gift commitment we receive by December 31 up to $275,000 so whatever you give today will be worth twice as much That’s right, if you give $25, it is worth $50.  Or if you give $50 or $100 etc. it will be doubled today.  You have made our past success possible.  I hope you will consider doubling that impact today
Patrick Trueman, Esq.
President and CEO
The National Center on Sexual Exploitatio

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