I have to make a decision -Kristan Hawkins (SFLA)

I have to make a decision

Kristan Hawkins (SFLA)

This weekend I’m going to make a decision about how to spend Students for Life’s limited resources over the remainder of the fall semester. Will you please help me make it?

I know I’ve emailed you several times this week already asking for your advice. But this is a decision I can’t make on my own, and it’s something we can’t delay any further.


How should Students for Life allocate its resources this fall?

OPTION 1: Cancel plans for the remainder of the National #Sockit2PP Campaign — stop visiting college campuses with the culture-changing “Abortion is Violence” display and baskets of baby socks


OPTION 2: Keep all Students for Life programs, including the National #Sockit2PP Campaign, running full speed ahead!

At virtually every campus stop we make, we meet students who are dumbfounded when they realize what abortion really is.

You can literally see students’ consciences warring with them as they handle the instruments abortionists use to kill and dismember preborn boys and girls, and their hearts breaking as they watch former abortionists (who’ve repented and become pro-life) explain abortion procedures on our animated jumbotrons.

These are the efforts that are building the Pro-Life Generation. These face-to-face conversations with real people reaching them with the reality of abortion is destroying the bogus « women’s health » propaganda Planned Parenthood pushes on young people – and laying the groundwork for the Abortion Goliath’s destruction.

But the fact is, this month I have to raise $127,000 to cover the costs of the second phase of our #Sockit2PP campaign this fall — our “Abortion is Violence” 90-campus tour. If I can’t, I’ll have to make the heart-wrenching decision to end it early…meaning dozens of campuses and thousands of students will never see our display or talk to our leaders.

Please let me know how you would have us spend our resources over the coming weeks by clicking here to fill out your Supporter Directive.

After you do, please prayerfully consider making a generous tax-deductible gift to help us reach our $127,000 fundraising goal to pull this off.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

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