Private and Urgent Message to You About Impending UN Disaster-UN COMMITTEE TARGETS UNBORN BABIES-« Le Machin »-de Gaulle-devient une machine à tuer les innocents- Austin Ruse

Private and Urgent Message to You About Impending UN Disaster

Austin Ruse



October 13, 2017

Dear Olivier,

In the coming days, the UN Human Rights Committee may decide that the « right to life » clause in a major UN treaty does NOT include the unborn child.

Read that again. A UN human rights committee proposes to deliberately exclude the unborn child from protection under international law.

I guarantee you this will unleash unholy hell on unborn babies wherever abortion is restricted.

I guarantee you this will be referenced in any court cases that seek to limit abortion, including if Roe v Wade is ever reconsidered by the US Supreme Court.

This is dire. I have rarely been so concerned or so angry. UN radicals have been targeting the unborn child for a quarter century and so far we have been able to stop them. Abortion has never become a part of international law to a large extent because of the work of C-Fam, along with friendly groups around the world, and pro-life delegations to the UN.


C-Fam has been working doggedly for weeks and even months to stop this atrocious action.

We have helped to gather and submit more than 100 statements of pro-life groups to the UN.
We have gathered more than 80,000 signatures on a petition we will present the UN in the coming days.
We have partnered with major U.S. and foreign pro-life groups including Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, Americans United for Life, Human Life International, CitizenGo, and many others.
We can stop this!

But, we need your help for the final push. I have to admit this work is very expensive and we do not have major foundations behind us like the radical left does. We do not get support from governments! We don’t even get financial support from the Church!

We exist and are able to fight for the unborn because of YOUR support. We are proud of that. It makes us independent and fearless in our fight to protect the unborn child. We are like an army that lives off the land!

So, once more I come to you for your prayers that this monstrous effort to harm the unborn child is stopped.

I come to you once more for your financial support. Have you been blessed enough to make a gift to us of $500? $100? $50? Anything will do.
My promise to you is that in the coming days we will present our 80,000 signatures to the UN. We will continue to lobby delegations to speak out. We will talk to the Congress and to the Trump administration.

But we cannot do this without YOU! WE NEED YOU RIGHT NOW! Do not wait. Act now. You can use our totally secure server. You can mail us a check. You can wire it to us if you wish. Click here, and follow the instructions.

Remember, the fate of millions of babies hang in the balance of this impending decision.

Pray for us.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax
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