Save the Children: A child’s value shouldn’t be determined by gender. GET GIRL FACTS She’s worth more

Save the Children
A child’s value shouldn’t be determined by gender. | View on Web.
Save the Children GET GIRL FACTS
She’s worth more
She’s Worth More. International Day of the Girl – And Every Day
Dear Olivier,

What do these things have in common? They’re treated as property — their value determined by what others are willing to pay for their usefulness. But a girl isn’t a possession to be bought and sold. She’s worth more.

Even today, the world’s girls face devastating discrimination — just for being born daughters, not sons. A girl is far more likely to be unwanted and abused. Denied an education. Forced into child marriage. Even stolen and sold by traffickers. Her childhood stolen — her very life and future at risk.

She’s worth so much more! This International Day of the Girl, help a girl realize her own true worth.
Give a Girl and future
Sponsor a Girl Change Two Lives
Give the Gift of Education
Join if Girls Ran the World
Save the Children is committed to gender equality. Thanks to you, we’re doing whatever it takes to ensure girls around the world have the opportunities every last child deserves.

Because a girl who realizes her value can change the course of her life, her family’s life and the future of her community — even change the world!

On behalf of every last child,
P.S. Click here to learn more about the unique challenges facing girls and what we’re doing to reach every last girl.
Save The Children

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