AAPLOG Member Update: Charlie Gard, SRHR and CSE

AAPLOG Member Update: Charlie Gard, SRHR and CSE

Charlie Gard, SRHR and Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Life…it’s why we’re here.

1. Are you a reproductive endocrinologist? Opportunity now to work with embryo adoption. The National Embryo Adoption center is seeking a reproductive endocrinologist who shares a pro-life worldview. Contact information on link.

2. Charlie Gard- Who decides on what « best care » is? The state or his parents? In a chilling decision by the European Court of Human Rights, the British Medical System could now decide to remove support from Charlie, and forbid his parents to seek further care for him. At stake is the issue of who decides what is in the « best interests of the child », the state or his parents? Since the state has the power of the purse, there is a natural financial conflict of interest in withdrawal of support for Charlie. The Charlie Gard case is one of the sentinel cases of a medical system which no longer respects the decision-making power of parents for their children. This case legalizes and expands the state’s power to euthanize when treatment is « no longer in the best interests of the child » based on the State’s evaluation. A decision to discontinue care which in the opinion of the medical system is no longer indicated is one thing. To refuse to allow the parents to leave and obtain a second opinion elsewhere is a completely separate and chilling overreach.

3. The World Health Organization launches new initiative to overturn the laws of sovereign nations and legalize abortion worldwide. The WHO and Commission on Human Rights unveiled the initiative last month. « Legal or statutory provisions that impede access to so-called “sensitive” services, such as sexual and reproductive health services, including comprehensive sexuality education, family planning and safe abortion, must be addressed. Harmful gender, social and cultural norms that restrict access to sexual and reproductive health services are themselves forms of discrimination. »

« Sexual and Reproductive Health Services » which are « restricted » include elective abortion. Further, the « Comprehensive Sexuality Education » included in this quote includes teaching preschool children to masturbate, and encouraging risky sex practices for adolescents among many other medically and culturally objectionable practices. Watch the film available here regarding « CSE » and take action by finding out about the composition of the CSE curricula in your school and educating other parents about what is being taught under the guise of « comprehensive sexuality education ».


1.DON’T MISS THE 2017 MBEC! Terrific Topics, Great Speakers, Wonderful Camaraderie. Plan to come Sept 29-Oct 1

2. If you can’t come, « SEND A STUDENT TO MBEC »! You can change the culture of medicine by sponsoring a student. Register here and click option G. Or support us through « Funding Morality » (editorial from Funding Morality founder) Or, send a gift of any amount to help.

3. Double the impact of your gift NOW. The AAPLOG Board of Directors and a generous Anonymous Donor have agreed to match gifts from members (over and above dues) for a total of $40,000. Please consider a gift now and double the impact of your gift.

4. Tell the pro-life medical students and residents to APPLY FOR THE JOE DECOOK SCHOLARSHIP We are about to start matching sponsors and students. Please have the student apply ASAP.



The Honeycutt Award is a generous new annual award started in 2017 by Dr. Deborah Honeycutt F.P., former member of the AAPLOG Board of Directors along with her husband. This annual award will be presented to the most outstanding poster presentation by pre-professional or professional students, nurses or advanced practice nurses, midwives or medical residents of any specialty. The poster presentation will be judged by a scientific panel chosen by the Watson Bowes Research Institute. The posters will be presented and judged each year at the Annual Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference.

6. On Friday before the Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference, at the same venue (Trinity University), there will be a FACTS Physician Training on Fertility Awareness Methods.

« The FACTS group presents Fertility Awareness and Family Planning: The Science and Effectiveness of Fertility Awareness Based Methods. This presentation gives an overview of modern, evidence based methods of family planning, FABMs. You are provided with a basic foundation for how these methods work as well as an illustration of the effectiveness of these methods when used to avoid or achieve pregnancy. This presentation is approved for 1 CME credit by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). »

For more information contact:

Amylynn Smith, Director of Development/Executive Assistant

(813) 352-4404


7. Get involved by writing: (e.g. Editorial by Dr. Daniel Benz and D. Harrison regarding the lack of necessity for funding Planned Parenthood. ) We have an unprecedented opportunity now to speak as physicians on the topics with threaten the lives and well being of our patients. AAPLOG would be glad to help you gather resources and put together testimony or provide editorial assistance to write articles. We are here for you.

Thanks for standing with us,

For Life,


Donna J. Harrison M.D. Executive Director

American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists



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