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Life…it’s why we’re here.
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Are you a professional, or an agent of the state?

Physicians and other medical professionals who refuse to kill at the behest of the state have always been a thorn in the side of those who seek worldwide elective abortion. That is why those who seek to promote elective abortion worldwide have set Hippocratic medical practitioners in their cross hairs. Obgyns, Midwives and Family Practice Physicians have historically recognized their unique position caring for two patients-the mother and her unborn child. Prior to 1973, Obgyns did not promote elective abortion, and the vast majority of ACOG membership did not want abortion on demand. In fact 86% of practicing ObGyns do not perform abortion in their practices.

Despite the views of their membership, ACOG leadership in the 1960’s sought to impose a top-down policy of promoting elective abortion, without involvement of the membership it their change of College policy. From that point, ACOG has increasingly sought to eliminate pro-life viewpoints from the College, and has taken an increasingly radical pro-abortion policy which has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with the political beliefs of ACOG leadership. [here] [here] [here] and [here] And, your dues to ACOG fund their pro-abortion political activism, an activism which seeks to eliminate your ability to practice.

ACOG is in the midst of launching a full scale attack right now on your right to practice Hippocratic medicine. The recent made for courtroom production Viewpoint by Eisenberg in AJOG, authored with the help of ACOG, calls for obgyns to lobby for the punishment of institutions and colleagues who refuse to kill their second patient, the unborn child, and to send that information to the ACLU, so that the ACLU can use those cases to legally eliminate our right to refuse to kill our patients. This call for denouncing colleagues may in part be in response to the fact that an ACLU initiative to shut down faith based hospitals in Michigan a few years ago was thrown out of court for lack of evidence.

ACOG has also recently authored an amicus brief defending a law in Illinois which forces all « health care entities » to perform or to facilitate the referral for any « legal » service. This includes elective abortion, euthanasia and any other elective option. Worse, this law also carries a « private right of action » which allows the offended patient to sue their physician or other health care entity. This law basically makes the physician or health care practitioner an agent of the state, forced to do whatever the state declares to be « health care » or else face legal and financial punishment. These laws and policies forcing health care professionals to kill or participate in the killing of patients are being replicated throughout the world. [here] [here] [here] [here]. the 2016 AAPLOG conference hosted 2 students from Australia where conscientious objection to abortion is not tolerated in training programs.

But, what can you do about it? This abuse of power on the part of ACOG must be stopped. Those of us who are still members of ACOG need to make our voices heard. Take a minute and write or call your ACOG district reps and let them know what you think of this abuse of power, especially if you practice in the state of Illinois.

Elective abortion and euthanasia are not medical care.

One important fact continues to threaten ACOG pro-abortion activism. The fact is that elective abortion is not medical care. Elective abortion is an attempt to solve a social problem by killing human beings. This is a truth that undermines all of ACOG’s self-assumed posturing as the expert on the topic. By definition, there is no medical indication for an elective induced abortion. That is precisely why it is called ELECTIVE induced abortion. Just because an action involves a scalpel or a drug does not make that action medical care. Genocide frequently involves use of a chemical…that is not medical care. Killing human beings with drugs or with a scalpel is not medical care, even if that killing is done by a « health care entity ». This also applies to euthanasia, which is also currently being pushed worldwide on medical professionals.

AAPLOG is speaking out, but we need your help

AAPLOG has been battling this lie on your behalf for the past two decades. In 1996, AAPLOG was the chief opponent of the ACGME abortion training mandate and it was AAPLOG’s actions which helped to lead to the conscience exception and opt out which currently exists in the ACGME abortion training mandate. AAPLOG authors briefs in key cases which defend the right of medical professionals to practice without killing their patients. AAPLOG has worked tirelessly to maintain your right to practice Hippocratic medicine. The concerted assault against Hippocratic medicine that we are currently facing from the coalition of ACLU, ACOG , Center for Reproductive Rights and others is unprecedented.

AAPLOG is fighting to make your voice heard. We will be filing amicus briefs in as many right of conscience cases as our resources allow. But the reality is that we need your financial support to help do so. Please consider a gift to help us with our « Expert Witness » project. As someone once said astutely « AAPLOG has a huge footprint for such a skinny organization. » We could do even more with your partnership and support. What can you do:

1. Please consider being willing to testify as an expert on the multiple state and federal cases that are coming, or which are now in process. We have been and will continue to contact you regarding opportunities for expert witness testimony.

2. The cases coming will involve delineation of the right to conscientiously object to killing our patients (both with abortion and with euthanasia). Please start reading now on these topics to prepare for testimony.

3. Please consider a gift to AAPLOG to support the travel and time necessary to get involved in these cases.

Thanks for standing with us.

For Life,


Donna J. Harrison, M.D.
Executive Director
American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Life. It’s why we are here.

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