Live Action News:During my abortion they ‘turned the screen away so I couldn’t see my baby’-et varia

During my abortion they ‘turned the screen away so I couldn’t see my baby’

Live Action News

During my abortion they ‘turned the screen away so I couldn’t see my baby’

« When I was pregnant for the first time they didn’t call my baby a baby. They called my baby a fetus. They told me I’d receive counseling but all they did was give me a paper to check off boxes asking if this was my choice and if I was raped. They turned the screen away so I couldn’t see my baby in womb. »

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Planned Parenthood: We will only give you an ultrasound if you want an abortion

A new Live Action video, released in the Planned Parenthood: The Abortion Corporation investigation, further proves that the abortion chain exists primarily to commit abortions — not to care for women in their pregnancies.

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Big Abortion agrees: Gorsuch could be bad for their business

While there is still much to be determined regarding Gorsuch’s potential, and much to be discussed regarding his stance on specific pro-life concerns, many pro-lifers would be encouraged to know that the pro-abortion camp has come out strongly opposing the nomination of Gorsuch as a threat to big business abortion.

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Former Planned Parenthood managers explain Planned Parenthood’s policy on ultrasounds

The Planned Parenthood locations contacted told the women that they only provided ultrasounds on abortion patients. The facilities even had a policy that ultrasounds were only used to date the pregnancy before abortion procedures.

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During my ultrasound, I saw my son’s heartbeat, and he waved at me

« During my ultrasound, I was able to see my baby boy’s heartbeat, and he was waving. The team was very encouraging and helpful. This was my first real pregnancy, and I was scared. »

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Millennial women speak out: Pro-life is pro-woman

Many of those at the rally and march were women and young people, and they shared what it means to be a pro-life woman.

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Miracle twins save each other’s life by holding hands while still in the womb

The mother of miracle twins said she was amazed when she went for a scan – and saw her two boys cuddling each other – even appearing to be holding hands.

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Nancy Pelosi advocates for protecting children — after they’re born

In a recent town hall, CNN’s Jake Tapper sat down with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to discuss a range of topics, including abortion.

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